What this is all about

My name is Thilo and I’m a Hypnotherapist/coach and I spend a lot of times traveling to discover and appreciate as many facets of this life as possible.
As I have decided to but myself on the road and to do more than just the occasional traveling, I also had to adapt my hypnosis business.
Therefor I might be around or not, but this offers also a great opportunity to do the unexpected.
Anyway, if you have always wanted to do something more, that will help you to further improve your life, or just simply wanted to try hypnosis and experience for yourself the amazing effects Hypnosis can have, I might just be around to help you. I do believe change comes with a change in awareness.
I use classical hypnosis techniques, which I studied in India, as well as direct communication and mesmerism, as taught by Friedbert Becker and I believe that I can help you to achieve the changes that you desire, be it challenging fears and anxieties, improve physical and mental issues and dependencies or simply work on your reincarnational and family constellations and possible unsolved conflicts.
Send me a message and I’m looking forward hearing from you.

contact me as I might be close by.

Thilo Muendel, Ct.Ht.
tel. +49 163 261 7380