Hypnosis really works!
Are you looking to change something in your life??
 Maybe you want to give up smoking, or lose weight.   Perhaps you have a fear of snakes, flying, performing,  heights, people, social situations, or any other of the many fears one develops.
 You may want to excel at work or in the sports arena, be more relaxed, be more present, improve your guitar playing, or develop a better general sense of wellbeing.
 There are so many ways hypnosis can help you to success and enjoy your life is a more constructive and creative way.
 I’m sure you have all seen the hypnosis presentations on the T.V., you know, the one where the guy flaps around like a chicken, not aware that he is making a fool of himself.  It is a lot of fun, but have no fear, I wont be asking you to do that.
 I think that the Film and T.V. industry have put some very strange ideas into people’s heads as to what Hypnosis actually is.. so my first suggestion would be –
 Just come with an open mind and a genuine willingness to change and you may be surprised.
 Our one on one sessions will be dealing directly with whatever issue it is you wish to work on in a respectful, safe environment where therapist and client agree to come together to achieve the desired outcome.
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The Traveling Hypno

Living on the road –  therapists on tour

by Robyn Wyman life and traveling partner of the traveling Hypno

Traveling with another person in a small van is one of the most exciting things one can do – and no matter how much you like each other, the differences you never noticed before or at least could escape, are suddenly right there in your face from early morning til late at night.  You know you like( or even Love) this person.. but”’

Ohh my!!!!.. GIVE ME SOME SPACE!!!

The great thing about this is that you very quickly learn not only about your partner but come very quickly to your own borders and as a Hypnotherapist that is very exciting .. Ahhh, It’s what we live for

-Did I just say that !???

.’ Oh look what I have just learned about myself’!!!

‘ Oh.. maybe I need to change that!!’      and so on.

One of the fascinating things about us humans is that as soon as we feel uncomfortable in a situation or come face to face with something we may not like about ourselves, our first instinct is to run or push it down.   The second is to blame the other person!!

And it is doubly hard when it is so deep in our psyche that we couldn’t even imagine that it is us that maybe could find a way to ‘do it differently’

As my Meditation teacher once explained –

When you first start out on this journey of self knowing it is 100 percent the fault of the other..” I don’t have to change..It’s not my fault!!

but as you progress there will come a time where you can admit that the fault is 50/50.. ”O.K.  I guess I could have done that differently.. but you deserved it!”

and as you progress even further along the path the time will come when you can admit that you are 100 Percent at fault.  Not necessarily of what happened – but of your reaction.

We are 100 percent responsible for our reactions!!

Wow… and as much as that can be pretty frightening it can also be extremely freeing.

I have always been a very reactive person and could never understand why people were a little off with me.. until I realized that it was me.  My defensiveness was causing this dance of defensiveness between me and other people.

Lucky me!! I’m married to a Hypnotherapist and after working on some of my deeper triggers, something amazing happened.  People around me seemed to change.  No longer was I thinking things like ”I don’t want to see anyone today.  Everyone is crazy”.. and so on.   Suddenly I developed real friendships and enjoyed parties and social gathering.  and as kitchy as it sounds.. my life changed… for the better.

As my attitude changed, I began to see the good side of people and things and the happier I became the more lovely people came in to my life… and an upward spiral began instead of falling into a downward spiral as had so often been the case.

Understanding ourselves is the first step to changing our experiences.   we can’t change anyone else, no matter how much we try… so that just leaves us to change, or at the very least ‘tweek’ ourselves.  and sometimes that is all it takes… a tweek here and there can bring unbelievable changes in attitude and thereby changes in life experience.

I am so thankful for living is our small space and coming face to face with ‘issues’  and perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we are two therapist/musicians who are used to looking at ourselves, but something wonderful changed  during this trip.. we have discovered yet another way to deal with our day to day madness ,we have  become a lot more accepting of each others ways and have found a whole new way of being with one another..I couldn’t recommend it highly enough— but, you both have to be prepared to do the dirty work…

One thing is for certain – It’s worth it.





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